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Regular maintenance and refurbishment of your actuators and gearboxes can extend the life of your Limitorque products and prevent costly plant shutdowns.

Our goal at Action Automation is to keep your Limitorque parts running smoothly and efficiently. That way, you can focus on plant operations, rather than putting out fires. For over 25 years, we have been the premier source of Limitorque actuators and gearboxes in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Eastern Iowa.

With 24/7 emergency teams, quick-turnaround services, and a large inventory of Limitorque parts, you can count on us.

Here’s a snapshot of our equipment refurbishment process: 

  1. Once the actuator or gearbox is at our Limitorque Blue Ribbon Service Center, we test the operator and track our results.
  2. Then, we completely disassemble the equipment. From there, we clean each part in our aqueous wash tanks.
  3. Each piece is thoroughly inspected for imperfections. We look for stress cracks, wear, and part deformation.
  4. Following this, we measure for proper spring and stack height, resemble the spring packs, and compress them to reach the necessary torque outputs.
  5. Reassembling the actuator or gearbox is next. If necessary, we replace damaged pieces with our full inventory of Limitorque parts.
  6. Our Quality Assurance team tests the equipment. This ensures all systems are functioning at optimum efficiency. Finally, your equipment is returned in like-new condition.

For more information, read our post ‘Regular actuator and gearbox maintenance and refurbishment will keep your critical systems operating smoothly‘. In summary, we share additional details about our processes and dive deeper into our refurbishing, repair, and maintenance services. Furthermore, we help you determine if your equipment is due for a check-up.

Our Limitorque Blue Ribbon Service Center technicians are here to prevent plant shutdowns, so give us a call today!

Common actuators and gearboxes that our Limitorque factory-trained technicians regularly service, include:





Published in August 2020

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As a Limitorque Distributor and Blue Ribbon Service Center, our technicians are factory trained and authorized to perform routine maintenance, repair, and modifications while honoring factory warranties. With 80+ years of industry experience, we are more than Limitorque distributors, we are problem solvers.

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