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Limitorque L120 Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

Flowserve Limitorque L120 series multi-turn actuators have a solid record of performance and reliability in many industries. These industries include commercial and nuclear power, oil & gas refining and distribution, and water/wastewater treatment.




Tank farm transfer, water supply and distribution (water), boiler circulation, decoking, desalination, sewage collection and treatment, gas production, heavy oil, oil sands and shale, molten salt transfer, nuclear service, petroleum production and refining, filtration


Mining, nuclear power, oil and gas, water treatment, wastewater collection and treatment, water supply and distribution, power generation

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Flowserve Limitorque introduces the UEX Electronic Controls Package for L120-10 through 85 Electric Actuators. This state-of-the-art controls package brings MX-based controls to the L120 with an LCD display for status and diagnostics, setup in 11 languages, and a feature set that includes full UEC-3 functionality and more. The UEX replaces the UEC-3 controls package and is field-retrofittable into L120 actuators.

For more than 25 years, the L120 series multi-turn electric actuators have been at work in a wide variety of processes. Whether controlling valves in commercial power feedwater or steam systems, oil and gas refining and coking processes, or water and wastewater filtration the L120 is proven to deliver reliable performance.

The L120 series is available in nine sizes and have torque requirements to 60 000 ft-lbs. (81 349 Nm). It has thrust requirements to 500 000 lb (2 224 kN). When combined with the HBC and PT worm gear operators for quarter-turn valve control and multi-turn dampers, or with the B320 or MT bevel gear operators for gate, globe, and slide & sluice gates, the L120 is well-suited to meet a wide range of industrial applications.


  • Aluminum and ductile iron housings offer durability
  • Weather proof, submersible, and explosion-proof construction for the most demanding environments
  • Anti-friction bearing supported alloy steel worm shafts with bronze worm gears provide years of reliable operation
  • Manual declutching disconnects the motor from the drive train for handwheel operation
  • Automatic clutching to motor operation occurs when power is applied
  • Torque overload protection
  • Position control via geared limit switches that are in step with valve disk position, whether in motor or manual operation
  • Actuators connect with most network protocols through the UEX electronic controls package

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