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WG Series

The Limitorque WG worm gearbox provides reliable performance in a wide range of weatherproof, submersible, and buried service applications. When motorized with Limitorque MX, L120, or SMB electric actuators, the WG offers unsurpassed quality and longevity for quarter-turn and multi-turn, torque-only applications.




Petroleum production and refining, sewage collection and treatment, tank farm transfer, boiler circulation, water supply and distribution (water), nuclear service, filtration, gas production, heavy oil, oil sands and shale, molten salt transfer, decoking, desalination


Oil and gas, power generation, water supply and distribution, water treatment, mining, nuclear power, wastewater collection and treatment

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The Limitorque WG worm gearbox is used to actuate quarter-turn valves and dampers as well as multi-turn dampers and radial gates. Optional spur gear attachments are available for manual or motorized operation. When driven by electric actuators, the WG delivers a wide range of output speeds and output torques to provide extraordinary versatility.

The WG is constructed with ductile iron housings, roller bearing-supported shafts, and well-designed sealing to stand up to tough environmental conditions and performance requirements. The removable splined adapter is captive in the housing. This eliminates concerns over the proper engagement of the adapter with the valve shaft. Alternative input shaft assembly positions can be accomplished in the field due to the concentric design of the gear housing.

With 14 product sizes covering torques to 326 000 ft-lb (442 000 Nm), the WG series can meet virtually any operating requirement. No matter the environment, you can expect a consistent, trouble-free performance.


  • Ductile iron gear housing
  • Ductile iron or bronze worm gears
  • Available for 360º operation
  • Designed for weatherproof, submersible, and buried service
  • Meets AWWA C504 and C542 when motorized with MX, L120 or SMB actuators
  • Roller bearing supported shafts
  • Self-locking gearing
  • -40°C to 90°C (-40°F to 194°F) continuous ambient temperature range

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